Dick StieglitzDick Stieglitz has over thirty years experience in making change work in large companies, with government agencies, and inside his own company. After earning a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, he served ten years as a naval officer refueling nuclear submarines during the Cold War. Dick left the Navy in 1976 because the Navy wanted to transfer him to Washington D.C. to design Trident submarines. He ended up accepting a job offer from a consulting firm in Washington, and has lived there ever since. He was Vice President for a software development company and Director of Defense Consulting in Washington for the McDonnell Douglas Corporation.

In 1984, Dick founded RGS Associates Inc. and grew the company through constantly changing markets and the birth of the worldwide web. RGS is a consulting firm that helps government agencies change how they do business – and the changes almost always involve new computer and communications systems. In 2006, he sold his ownership interests in the company to his management team and equity investors. He currently coaches executives in leading their organizations through change and growth, and speaks and delivers workshops at government and industry forums on the subject of integrating change and new technologies to produce effective business relationships.

Dick has authored two books: Taming The Dragons of Change – 10 Tips For Achieving Success & Happiness When Everything Around You is Changing which is based on his personal experiences with change; and Taming The Dragons of Change In Business – Strategies For Success In a Globally Connected World which is based on his experiences in leading organizations through change and building his own company. Dick and his wife Mary Ellen live in Potomac Maryland where they recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. They have two daughters and four grandsons.

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