Posted by: dstieglitz | May 29, 2008


            A year ago, Hillary Clinton appeared to be unbeatable in the Democratic primary and would have been the favorite to win the Presidential election in November.  Today, she’s desperately trying to change the delegate rules to survive in the primary.  WHAT HAPPENED?   I think there are three reasons for Hillary’s slide.


            First, she missed the American people’s desire for change – Obama’s consistent theme from the start.  By making experience the heart of her message, Hillary came across as part of the gridlocked political system that the American people are fed up with.  She made the campaign a barroom brawl with attacks on Obama like the laughable “3am phone call” advertisement, her inflammatory statement that: “Obama isn’t a Muslim….as far as I know,” and just last week in her reference to Bobby Kennedy’s assassination.    


            Second, many Americans (including me) just don’t trust Hillary and she regularly aggravates that perception. Her story about being under sniper fire during a goodwill trip to Bosnia was reminiscent of the lies her husband told us on TV.  Hillary also suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder: whenever the campaign doesn’t go well she just switches her message. She jumped on the change bandwagon only after it started to work for Obama.  Her lame poses as a gun-loving hunter, a working mom with Chelsea, and champion of blue-collar workers in Ohio and Pennsylvania didn’t help her honesty rating either.


            And third, Hillary has a severe case of arrogance.  She didn’t think she could lose, so her campaign and budget just went through Super Tuesday. Her third place finish in the Iowa caucus was a wake-up call, but the momentum had already shifted and Obama went on to eleven consecutive wins in smaller states.


            Individually, each of these three factors was damaging.  Taken together, they seemed to have derailed the vaunted Clinton machine.



  1. Dick,

    I absolutely agree on all of your points, especially with regards to her arrogance. More humility and less “arrogance” may have saved her campaign


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